Home Assignment # 1- 05.19.17

Deadline of submission: by 4 pm of 05.29.17



1)    What are the reasons of global warming? What could be the role of plants in global warming?

2)    Draw the diagrams of Plant Cell and Animal Cell. Identify four major differences between animal and plant cells.

3)    What is fluid mosaic model? Describe the composition of the plasma membrane in detail.

4)    How the DNA is packaged inside the chromosome? Write the process with figure.


Instruction to students:

Choose any three questions from the above four questions and answer them in your own words. Donít copy and paste from anywhere. Submit the assignment within the deadline. Late submitting or copied assignments will not be graded. You can submit by email to me (abidur@iwate-u.ac.jp) or by hand writing. In case of hand writing submit it to my office.