Weekly Plan

Course number-1106

Monday: 8:40-10:10 AM

Week 1- April-14- Introduction and overview of the course material
Week 2- April -21- Plant and Plant Cells
Week3- April -28- Plant and plant cells (continued)
Week 4- May-5- Holiday
Week 5- May-12- Plant Cell organelles, Take home exam -1
Week 6- May-19- Cell cytoskeleton, Cell division
Week 7- May-26- Water and Solute transport
Week 8- June-2 - Photosynthesis-1, Take home exam -2
Week 9- June-9 - Photosynthesis-2
Week 10- June-16- Genetics
Week 11-June-23- Guest Lecture (Dr. Uemura)
Week12- June-30 - Review class chapters (Take home exam -3)
Week 13- July-7- Hormones and plant growth development
Week 14- July-14- Hormones -1, Auxin and Ethylene/ Guest lecture
Week 15- July-21- Hormones -2, Cytokinin and Gibberellins, Take home exam-4
Week 16- July-28- Review class before the final exam
Week 17- Aug-4- Final Exam

Grading Format:

50% from Midterm take home exams and class attendance

50% from final exam