Original Articles

Takata N, Saito S, Tanaka-Saito C, Uemura M (2010)
Phylogenetic footprint of the plant clock system in angiosperms: evolutionary processes of Pseudo-Response Regulators.
BMC Evolutionary Biology 10:126.

Yamazaki T, Takata N, Uemura M, Kawamura Y. (2010)
Arabidopsis synaptotagmin SYT1, a type I signal-anchor protein, requires tandem C2 domains for delivery to the plasma membrane.
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285:23165-23176.

Minami A, Furuto A, Uemura M. (2010)
Dynamic compositional changes of detergent-resistant plasma membrane microdomains during plant cold acllimation.
Plant Signaling & Behavior 5:1115-1118.

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