Original Articles

Takahashi D, Kawamura Y, Yamashita T, Uemura M. (2012)
Detergent-resistant plasma membrane proteome in oat and rye:similarities and dissimilarities between two monocotyledonous plants.
Journal of Proteome Research 11:1654-1665

Nagao M, Uemura M. (2012)
Sucrose phosphate phosphatase in the green alga Klebsormidium flaccidum (Streptophyta) lacks an extensive C-terminal domain and differs from that of land plants.
Planta 235:851-861

Li B, Takahashi D, Kawamura Y, Uemura M (2012)
Comparison of plasma membrane proteomic changes of Arabidopsis suspension cells (T87 line) after cold and abscisic acid treatment in association with freezing tolerance development.
Plant and Cell Physiology 53:543-554.

Ahamed A, Murai-Hatano M, Sakurai-Ishikawa J, Hayashi H, Kawamura Y, Uemura M (2012)
Cold-stress-induced acclimation in rice is mediated by root-specific aquaporins.
Plant and Cell Physiology 53: 1445-1456

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