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Laboratory of Postharvest Science of Agricultural Products
Department of Food Production and Environmental Management
Faculty of Agriculture
Iwate University

 About Our Laboratory
We study the "Preservation", "Processing", "Taste", and "Safety" of agricultural products and foods.



Shoji KOIDE(Professor) 

【Research Field】
1. Preservation Science in Agricultural Products
2. Food Process Engineering

【Research subject】
1. Development of newly techniqe of processing and preservation of agricultural products and foods.

2. Establishment of safety and secure methods sterilization and preservation for foods.


Takahiro ORIKASA(Associate Professor) 

【Research Field】
1. Process Engineering in agricultural products
2. Life cycle assessment of food production process

【Research subject】
1. Development of newly techniqe for processing in agricultural products and optimaization for food processing.

2. Analysis for physicochemical properties in food processing

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