Cryobiosystem Research Center
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 The aim of Cryo Research Center (CRC) is to study various biological phenomena occurring at low temperatures (at both chilling and freezing temperatures) by using molecular and cellular biological methods, and to apply the results in plant and animal breeding technologies. CRC consists of the following three research divisions, each of which concentrates on distinct aspects of cryobiology with different approaches:

1.Division of Cell Reproduction Biology
 Research on the mechanisms of the maintenance of and changes in the functions of individual cells during cell division, and applicateion of the results to the study of the effective and atable modification of cell functions.

2.Division of Cold-Response Biology
 Research of the transduction pathways of molecular signals in cells and individuals caused by low temperatures, and the mechanisms of cold tolerance of living organisms that exist only in cold environments.

3.Division of Biosystem and Bioresource Technology
 Research of systems and reseurces in living organisms responsible for cold tolerance, biosynthetic pathways and responsible genes of such resources, and application of the results to produce genetically modified cold-tolerant crops.

 CRC also serves as a researvh and teaching institution of laboratory techniques in general molecular biology.
We are assisting undergraduate and graduate students in pursuing their academic goals.

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