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1 Kidou, S. and Ejiri, S.(1998)
Isolation, characterization and mRNA expression of four cDNAs encoding translation elongation factor 1A from rice (Oryza sativa L.).
Plant Mol. Biol., 36: 137-148.
2 Tsutsumi, K. and Zhao, Y.(1998)
Initiation of DNA replication at the rat aldolase B locus - an overlapping set of DNA elements regulates transcription and replication? -
In: Gene Therapy and Molecular Biology: from molecular mechanisms to clinical applications (Boulikas, T. Ed.), vol.1:pp 599-608.
3 Ikeda, K.; Inoue, S.; Orimo, A.; Tsutsumi, K. and Muramatsu, M.(1998)
Promoter analysis of mouse estrogen-responsive finger protein (efp) gene: mouse efp promoter contains an E-box that is also conserved in human.
Gene, 216: 155-162.
4 Itagaki, T.; Tsutsumi, K.; Ito, K. and Tsutsumi, Y.(1998)
Taxonomic status of the Japanese triploid forms of Fasciolo : Comparison of mitochondrial ND1 and COI sequences with F. hepatica and F. gigantica.
J. Parasitol., 84: 445-448.
5 Itagaki, T. and Tsutsumi, K.(1998)
Triploid form of Fasciola in Japan: genetic relationships between Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica determined by ITS-2 sequence of nuclear rDNA.
Int. J. Parasitol., 28: 777-781.
6 Kidou, S.; Tsukamoto, S.; Kobayashi, S. and Ejiri, S.(1998)
Isolation and characterization of a rice cDNA encoding the γ-subunit of translation elongation factor 1B (eEF1Bγ).
FEBS Lett., 434: 382-386.
7 Terui, Y.; Tsutsumi, K.; Kidou, S.; Sawazaki, T.; Kuroiwa, Y.; Yamaki, M. and Ejiri, S.(1998)
A novel variant of translation elongation factor-1β: isolation and characterization of the rice gene encoding EF-1β2.
Biochim. Biophys., Acta 1442: 369-372.

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