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Division of Cell Reproduction Biology

[tk.portrait] Ken-ichi TSUTSUMI
Specialty:Molecular and Cell Genetics
Research Interests:
Mechanisms that integrate regulatory pathways involved in DNA replication and transcription in animal cell differentiation.
Regulation of cell duplication and gene expressioin in plant meristem.
Recent Publications:
2006 4 Yoshino, M.; Nagamatsu, A.; Tsutsumi, K. and Kanazawa, A. (2006)
The regulatory function of the upstream sequence of the?β-conglycininα-subunit gene in seed-specific transcription is associated with the presence of RY sequence.
Genes & Genetic Systems, in press. (Summary
3 Matsukawa, K.; Ogata, M.; Hikage, T.; Minami, H.; Shimotai, Y.; Saitoh, Y.; Yamashita, T.; Ouchi, A.; Tsutsumi, R.; Fujioka, T. and Tsutsumi, K. (2006)
Antiproliferative activity of root extract from gentian plant (Gentiana triflora) on cultured and implanted tumor cells.
Biosci. Biotech. Biochem., in press. (Summary
2 Shimotai, Y.; Minami, H; Saitoh, Y.; Onodera, Y.; Mishima, Y.; Kelm Jr. R. J. and Tsutsumi, K.(2006)
A binding site for Pura and Purb is structurally unstable and is required for replication in vivo from the rat aldolase B origin.
Biochem, Biophys. Res. Commun., 340: 517-525. (published online December 20, 2005)  (Summary
1 Takahashi, M.; Hikage, T.; Yamashita, T.; Saitoh, Y.; Endou, M. and Tsutsumi, K. (2006)
Stress-Related Proteins Are Specifically Expressed under Non-Stress Conditions in the Overwinter Buds of the Gentian Plant Gentiana triflora.
Breeding Science, 56:39-46. (Summary
2003 2 Itagaki, T.; Tsumagari, N.; Tsutsumi, K. and Chinone, S.(2003)
Discrimination of three amphistome species by PCR-RFLP based on rDNA ITS2 markers.
J. Vet. Med. Sci., 65: 931-933.
1 Wang, Y.;Saitoh, Y.; Sato, T.; Hidaka, S. and Tsutsumi, K.(2003)
Comparison of plastid DNA replication in different cells and tissues of the rice plant.
Plant Mol. Biol. 52(4): 905-913. (Summary
2002 4 Yoshino, M.; Kanazawa, A.; Tsutsumi, K.; Nakamura, I.; Takahashi, K. and Shimamoto Y.(2002)
Structural Variation Around the Gene Encoding the α Subunit of Soybean β-Conglycinin and Correlation with the Expression of the α Subunit.
Breeding Science, 52: 285-292. (Summary
3 Wang, Y.; Saitoh, Y.; Hidaka, S.; Sato, T. and Tsutsumi, K.(2002)
Replication of plastid DNA.
Recent Res. Devel. Plant Biol. 2: 33-48. (Summary
2 Saitoh, Y.; Miyagi, S.; Ariga, H. and Tsutsumi, K.(2002)
Functional domains involved in the interaction between Orc1 and transcriptional repressor AlF-C that bind to an origin/promotor of the rat aldlase B gene.
Nucleic Acids Res., 30: 5205-5212. (Summary
1 Wang, Y.; Tamura, K.; Saitoh, Y.; Sato, T.; Hidaka, S. and Tsutsumi, K.(2002)
Mapping major replication origins on the rice plastid DNA.
Plant Biotech., 19: 27-35.
2001 5 Itagaki, T,; Honnami, M.; Ito, D.; Ito, K.; Tsutsumi, K.; Shibahara, T. and Noda, Y.(2001)
Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism of a triploid form of Fasciola in Japan.
J. Helminthol., 75(2): 193-196.
4 Yoshino, M.; Kanazawa, A.; Tsutsumi, K.; Nakamura, I. and Shimamoto, Y.(2001)
Structure and characterization of the gene encoding a subunit of soybean β-conglycinin.
Genes Genet. Syst., 76: 99-105. (Summary
3 Wang, K.-J.; Takahata, Y.; Ito, K.; Zhao, Y.; Tsutsumi, K. and Kaizuma, N.(2001)
Genetic characterization of a novel soybean kunitz trypsin inhibitor.
Breeding Science, 51: 185-190. (Summary
2 Miyagi, S.; Zhao, Y.; Saitoh, Y.; Tamai, K. and Tsutsumi, K.(2001)
Replication of the rat aldolase B locus differs between aldolase B-expressing and non-expressing cells.
FEBS Lett., 505: 332-336. (Summary
1 Yabuki, T.; Miyagi, S.; Ueda, H.; Saitoh, Y. and Tsutsumi, K.(2001)
A novel growth-related nuclear protein binds and inhibits rat aldolase B gene promoter.
Gene, 264: 123-129. (Summary
2000 1 Miyagi, S.; Zhao, Y.; Saitoh, Y. and Tsutsumi, K.(2000)
An overlapping set of DNA elements ina the rat aldolase B gene origin/promoter regulates transcription and autonomous replication.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 278: 760-765.
1999 2 Ito, K.; Kusano, T. and Tsutsumi, K.(1999)
A cold-inducible bZIP protein gene in radish root regulated by calcium- and cycloheximide-mediated signals.
Plant Sci., 142: 57-65.
1 Nakamura, H.; Tokairin, Y.; Hidaka, S.; Ejiri, S. and Tsutsumi, K.(1999)
Structural variations of the aldolase gene region in different rice cultivars.
Breeding Sci., 49: 33-37.
1998 5 Terui, Y.; Tsutsumi, K.; Kidou, S.; Sawazaki, T.; Kuroiwa, Y.; Yamaki, M. and Ejiri, S.(1998)
A novel variant of translation elongation factor-1β: isolation and characterization of the rice gene encoding EF-1β2.
Biochim. Biophys., Acta 1442: 369-372.
4 Itagaki, T. and Tsutsumi, K.(1998)
Triploid form of Fasciola in Japan: genetic relationships between Fasciola hepatica and Fasciola gigantica determined by ITS-2 sequence of nuclear rDNA.
Int. J. Parasitol., 28: 777-781.
3 Itagaki, T.; Tsutsumi, K.; Ito, K. and Tsutsumi, Y.(1998)
Taxonomic status of the Japanese triploid forms of Fasciolo : Comparison of mitochondrial ND1 and COI sequences with F. hepatica and F. gigantica.
J. Parasitol., 84: 445-448.
2 Ikeda, K.; Inoue, S.; Orimo, A.; Tsutsumi, K. and Muramatsu, M.(1998)
Promoter analysis of mouse estrogen-responsive finger protein (efp) gene: mouse efp promoter contains an E-box that is also conserved in human.
Gene, 216: 155-162.
1 Tsutsumi, K. and Zhao, Y.(1998)
Initiation of DNA replication at the rat aldolase B locus - an overlapping set of DNA elements regulates transcription and replication? -
In: Gene Therapy and Molecular Biology: from molecular mechanisms to clinical applications (Boulikas, T. Ed.), vol.1:pp 599-608.
1997 5 Nakamura, H.; Tokairin, Y. Tamayama, A.; Kon, S.; Hidaka, S.; Ejiri, S. and Tsutsumi, K.(1997)
Cell type- and positionally specific regulation of the aldolase P gene expression in rice seedlings.
Biosci. Biotech. Biochem., 61: 256-262.
4 Ikeda, K.; Tsutsumi, K.; Kimura, S.; Ejiri, S.; Takahashi, J. and Yasuda, Y.(1997)
Molecular cloning of a bovine minisatellite DNA homologous to mouse minisatellite.
Anim. Sci. Technol., 68: 293-296.
3 Kim, S.-Y.; Takahashi, J.; Tsutsumi, K. and Yasuda, Y.(1997)
Function of the myogenin gene promoter in the muscular dystrophic transgenic dy/dy mouse.
J. Rep. Dev., 43: 39-46.
2 Zhao, Y.; Miyagi, S.; Kikawada, T. and Tsutsumi, K.(1997)
Sequencerequirement for replication initiation at the rat aldolase B locus implicated in its functional correlation with transcriptional regulation.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 237: 707-713.
1 Ikeda, K.; Inoue, S.; Orimo, A.; Sano, M.; Watanabe, T.; Tsutsumi, K. and Muramatsu, M.(1997)
Multiple regulatory elements and binding proteins of the 5'-flanking region of the human estrogen-responsive finger protein (efp) gene.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 236: 765-771.
1996 1 Nakamura, H.; Satoh, W.; Hidaka, S.; Kagaya, Y.; Ejiri, S. and Tsutsumi, K.(1996)
Genomic structure of the rice aldolase isozyme C-1 gene and its regulation through a protein kinase-phosphatase pathway.
Plant Mol. Biol., 30: 381-385.

2004 1 Tsutsumi, K.;Takahashi, M.; Hikage, T.;Yamashita, T.; Saitoh, Y. and Endou, M.(2004)
Identification of Proteins Enriched in The Overwinter Buds of The Gentian Plant: Their Possible Involvement in Cold Tolerance.
7th International Plant Cold Hardiness Seminar. (2004/7/10-15, Sapporo, Japan.)
2003 1 Tsutsumi, K.(2003)
Transcription factors implicated in switching from transcription to replication.
XIIth Inteernational congress on genes, gene families and isozymes. (2003/7/19-24, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany.)
2001 1 Saitoh, Y.; Saitoh, M.; Ariga, H. and Tsutsumi, K.(2001)
A novel hnRNP family protein AlF-C interact with Orc1 and down-regulates transcription.
3R Symposium. Abstract book: p.87. (2001/11/6-9, Miki, Japan.)
1999 1 Saitoh, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Miyagi, S.; Ariga, H. and Tsutsumi, K.(1999)
DNA sequence required for higher eukaryotic DNA replication origin and its associating protein complex.
2nd 3R (Replication, Recombination and Repair) Symposium. (1999/11/16-19, Miki, Japan.)
1997 4 Miyagi, S.; Kikawada, T.; Zhao, Y. and Tsutsumi, K.(1997)
Structural and functional analysis of initiation region of replication at the rat aldolase B locus.
Workshop on DNA Replication and Chromosome Partition, Kazusa Academia Park, Japan.
3 Ito, K.; Kikawada, T.; Miyagi, S.; Zhao, Y. and Tsutsumi, K.(1997)
Chromosomal state of an eukaryotic replication origin that contains cell type-specific transcription promoter.
International Conference on Gene Therapy and Molecular Biology. (1997/8/16-24, Heraklion, Greece)
2 Tsutsumi, K.(1997)
Structure and function of a replication origin emcompassing a transcription promoter.
International Conference on Gene Therapy and Molecular Biology. (1997/8/16-24, Heraklion, Greece)
1 Honnami, M.; Itagaki, T.; Tsutsumi, K. and Ito, K.(1997)
Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in triploid Japanese Fasciola sp.
Parasitology International. 46(Suppl.): 76. (1997/4/3-5, Chiba, Japan.)

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