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November 2020: Our research work on auxin, cold stress and miRNA has been published in IJMS. Congratulations to all the authors!! October 2020: Momori and Hikari joined the lab to work on their undergraduate thesis. A warm welcome to them!! Sept 2020: Kenji, Tapati and Natsumi successfully passed their entrance exam for Ph.D. and Master's program respectively. Tapati will start her Ph.D. from October 2020, Kenji will start his Ph.D. from April 2021 and Natsumi will start her Master's from April 2021. Abidur lab wish them all the success!! April 2020:Abidur lab received 3yr. Kaken-hi (Kiban-B) grant to work on cold stress response mechanisms in Arabidopsis and tomato.
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The Abidur Lab at Faculty of Agriculture, Iwate University
Plant Hormone Biology

The primary research interest of my lab lies in understanding the hormonal regulation of plant growth and
development under optimum condition and various stresses. For this, we are primarily focusing on the plant hormone auxin, which influences plant behavior from embryogenesis to senescence and exhibits complex interactions with other hormones. To know more about our research please click here