Location of Major Facilities Map

Location of Major Facilities

Campus Map

Campus Map
  1. 1st Building
  2. 2nd Building
  3. 3rd Building
  4. 4th Building
  5. 5th Building
  6. 6th Building
  7. 7th Building
  8. North Building
  9. South Building
  10. Field Science Center
  11. Veterinary
    Teaching Hospital
  12. Cryobiosystem
    Research Center
  13. Environment Control Center
  14. United Graduate School of
    Agricultural Sciences
  15. Histrical museum of
    Agricultual Education
    (The main school building
    of former Morioka Hign School
    of Agriculture and Forestry,
    Important Cultual Asset)
  1. Student Cafeteria
  2. Animal Shed
  3. Natural-energy Greenhouse
  4. Hydraulics Laboratory
  5. Bioproduction Machinery
  6. Greenhouse
  7. Forest Product
    Processing Room
  8. Specimen Room
  9. Hokusui-no-ike Pond
  10. Radioisotope Laboratory
    (Education and Research Center)
  11. Center for Information and
    MediaSuper Computing and
    Information Sciences Center
  12. University Museum
  13. Former main gate and
    (Important Cultural Asset)