1) Education and Research

Faculty of Agriculture Undergraduate Departments Department of Agro-bioscience
Department of Biological Chemistry and Food Sciences
Department of Environmental Sciences for Sustainability
Department of Animal Science
Department of Veterinary Medicine
Affiliated Facilities Field Science Center Takizawa Farm/Forest
Omyojin Farm/Forest
Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Cryobiofrontier Research Center
Food Animal Medicine & Food Safety Research Center 
Bio-Environment Research Center
Botanical Garden
Memorial Museum for Agricultural Education 
Graduate School of Agriculture Specialities Agro-bioscience
Biological Chemistry and Food Sciences
Environmental Sciences for Sustainability
Animal Sciences
Biofrontier Sciences
United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences at Iwate University Specialty Courses Science of Bioproduction
Science of Bioresources
Science of Biotic Environment
Science of Cryobiosystems
Member Universities: Hirosaki Univ., Iwate Univ., Yamagata Univ. and Obihiro Univ. of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
United Graduate School of Veterinary Sciences at Gifu University Specialty Courses Veterinary Sciences
Member Universities: Obihiro Univ. of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Iwate Univ., Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology and Gifu Univ.
Special Program Courses Special Course in Agriculture
Special Course in Dairy Farming

2) Administration

Faculty of Agriculture General Affairs Section
Educational Affairs Section
Research Promotion Section
The First Secretary Section for the United Graduate School
The Second Secretary Section for the United Graduate School
Technical Section
University Research Farms Farm Section
Farm Technical Section
University Research Forests Forest Section
Farm Technical Section